Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for looking at our website.  Our instructors and staff are always available to speak to prospective students and answer their questions.  We have provided answers to those frequently asked questions below.

When will the next class begin?

We have new classes starting each Monday.  Please visit the school and tour our facility. 

Do you offer part-time or evening classes?

  • We offer part-time classes but we do not offer evening classes.

 • Our classes are from 9 am to 5:30 pm Monday - Friday.  The school is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

What do I need to enroll in the program?

• A driver's license or government issued phot identification.

• Social security card.

• High school diploma, GED, or equivalent.  If you do not have this, you can take the Ability-to-Benefit test to

  be eligible.

Is financial aid available?

• Green card or Certificate of Naturalization.

• King Beauty College does not participate in federal and state financial aid programs.  Students can apply

  for private financial aid.  Financial aid is a mechanism that reduces out-of-pocket costs that the student

  and/or parents must pay to obtain a specific postsecondary education.  Financial aid is money made

  available to help students meet the cost of college attendance.  Financial adi includes grants and loans. 

  Grants do have to be repaid.  financial aid is awarded to students who have "need".  Need is the difference

  between the amount of money that the student and/or family will be expected to contribute to meet

  student costs and the cost of education at this school.  To be eligible for financial aid, the student must:

   – Be admitted as a regular student;

   – Be enrolled or accepted for enrollment in an eligible program on at least half-time basis;

   – Be a citizen or an eligible non-citizen;

   – Not owe a refund on a FPELL Grant or FSEOG at any school;

   – Not be in default on a Perkins Loan or Stafford Loan/SLS/PLUS/Direct Loan at any school;

   – Have financial need;

   – Be making satisfactory progress (as defined by the school's policy) in the course of study;

   – Be registered for selective service (if a male aged 18 through 25)

   – Have signed a statement of educational purpose;

   – Have signed a statement of updated information;

   – Have a high school diploma (or foreign equivalent); have a GED; have coeted home schooling at the

     secondary level;

   – Agree to use any financial aid received solely for educational purposes.

     – Financial aid is available to those who qualify.

     - Along with the documents list abov, you will also need:

             • Last two years tax returns and W-2 of the applicant or the applicant's parents if under 24 years old.

             • If you are receiving cash aid from the Social Security or Social Services, you need a letter of

               verification of income.

             • If you are receiving unemployment benefits, you will need to bring your Notice of Unemployment

               Insurance Award (Form DE429Z).

Which classes qualify for private financial aid?

 • All classes qualify for private financial aid.  Please check with the institution for requirements.

If I do not qualify for financial aid, what other options are available?

• If you do not qualify for financial aid, we have payment plan options available.